More of my credentials.

Work Experience

herotek ®

herotek ®

Jan / 2018 -
Location : Iran - urmia

Co-founder & CTO

  • WebApp design and development
  • Conducting advanced training courses
  • Custom template style design
  • Provision of services : Host , Cloud , Container docker
A.B.I Trading

A.B.I Trading

Sep / 2017 - Dec / 2017
Location : Iran - Alborz

Software Engineer

  • Production of video tutorials on how to use and set up industrial machines
  • Design of catalogs, sites and production of technical content
  • Educational instructor of cutting and laser cutting software
  • Collect information and check stock prices
Miran Jewelry

Miran Jewelry

Sep / 2016 - Aug / 2017
Location : Iran - Urmia

Executive Director

  • Setting up the network system and office automation
  • The launch of the business management software includes: Gold inventory and jewelry and currency, invoicing, customer management and current accounts ...
  • Provide daily statistics of the price trend using Python and Panda
  • Creating a product display network for customers on the platform of the telegram
  • Site design for displaying price boards by Wordpress - incomplate
  • Provide a database of customers and security in maintaining confidential information
  • Training and support IT
Green Crown

Green Crown

Apr / 2016 - Sep / 2016
Location : Iran - Noshinshahr

Computer Technical Director

  • Design a razor blade cutter packing box in different volumes
  • Creative design box for product exports
  • Research to increase the productivity of the product line
  • Redesigning the production line layout
  • Website design in three languages: Farsi, English and Russian
  • Research and negotiation to find sales representatives in Iraq, Kuwait, Turkey and Turkey
Alpha Electronic

Alpha Electronic

Aug / 2015 - Jan / 2016
Location : Iran - Urmia

Head of Engineering Department

  • Design and development of Autorun training software on the Windows platform on CD
  • Implementation of customer support system through smart robot in the telegram app
  • Keyboard design and user interface on devices
  • Provide a catalog of working with devices and settings
  • SEO optimization focused on keywords
  • Optimize server and site status on a daily basis
  • One-page web design for each product on pure HTML & CSS
  • Development of dedicated content management system
  • Site analysis using Google Analytic , Piwik 
  • Launching a product quality testing system
Graphica Blue

Graphica Blue

Mar / 2012 - Aug / 2013
Location : Iraq - Suleimane

Graphic Designer

  • Creative design for corporate and major centers
  • Ideas and customer trajectory
  • Advice for determining the color of the brand
  • Providing materials and photos for businesses
  • Daily design with Adob Photoshop , Illustrator and Indesign
  • Layout and creation of artwork
Aro Reklam

Aro Reklam

Jun / 2011 - Dec / 2011
Location : Iraq - Kalar

Graphic Designer

  • Design and development of economic brands
  • Manage the time to run the print queue
  • Work as members of graphic designer team 
  • Supervision of the company's internal network
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Troubleshooting Error in Proprietary Software
Leon Show

Leon Show

Jun / 2010 - Jun / 2011
Location : Iran - Urmia

Software engineer

  • Personalization and translation language of the user interface printing management software by resource-hacking 
  • Monitor the process of running user software for the company, and troubleshooting and re-install system in case of failure . 
  • Web design for company introduction and product display by wordpress CMS.